God is a praying mantis

by Tifa's

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released July 12, 2018

Toutes les chansons sont écrites par Tifa's.

Produit par l'Affect et Tifa's

Enregistré et mixé par Mathieu Plantevin à la Maison des Métiers d'Arts d'Aussois et à Blassieux.

Masterisé par Pierre Olivier.

Joué par Étienne Boisson, Gaspard Charreton, Jordy Martin, Raphaël Chemin, Ugo Del Rosso.

Conception graphique orchestrée par Jérémy Barrault.

Dessiné et rédigé par Alexandre Paulmier, Angeline Gonzalez, Chloé Malard, Jérémy Barrault, Lucas Ottin, Ocx, Raphaël Chemin.

Imprimé et assemblé à l'atelier Fluo, Grenoble, 2018.

Nous remercions spécialement:
Stéphane Pauze, Piero Beluze, DCR Live, JB Cognet, Gregou, Michelle, Cécile, Adrien, Les Arts P'tit Shows Production, Catherine Chantelot, Louna, Luz, Clém, Nico, toute l'équipe Fluo, Jérôme, Simon, Robin, Arnaud-Emmanuel, Macha, les ami-e-s, la famille.

We love all of you.

Nous encourageons tou-te-s celles et ceux qui participent à l'extinction des espèces vivantes, la disparition des variétés biologiques, la destruction de l'environnement et l'oppression d'autrui à cesser immédiatement pour bifurquer vers la création d'un équilibre bienveillant et partagé entre tout, toutes et tous.




Tifa's Lyon, France

TIFA'S (Pop Baroque)


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Track Name: The axolotl
I wanna come to a final decision
I wanna taste freedom deep under the sea
I have to foil down the security fail
My prison jar is damn well engineered
Far from the sea

I think there really is a way to escape
If only I could jump overboard
To dive into the screen just beside
I would merely have to wait for a picture
With coconut trees and white sand beach

But I'm deadly scared to fall into a reality show
Track Name: We love all of them
Oh! That’s enough!
Oh! You don’t belong here!
Oh! That’s enough!
Oh! You can’t belong here!

You’d put inside
A flower ment to be razed

Oh! That’s enough!
Oh! That’s enough!
Oh! You don’t belong here!

« I say to you today, my friends, so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the » entire world « dream.
I have a dream that one day this » world « will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed (…) to be self-evident: that all men are created equal. I have a dream that one day » this fucked up economic system filtering «  with the heat of injustice » filtering « with the heat of oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice. »

(Citation: Martin Luther King)
Track Name: Paul the polar bear
Paul the polar bear
Was yamping on the cool ice floe
He came across a giant billboard
Emerging from his homesick dream

He is thirsty

The picture is a representation
Of a humanized puffy bear
Drinking a soda

It was as if the whole sea ice
Was peeled off the earth's crust
To melt into the ad

He is thirsty

Paul the polar bear
Is not an insipid teddy bear
He could drink a child

The heat, the dust, the smell of sweat
The rocky ground under his feets
That's unbearable to him

So thirsty

Suddenly the sky darken
A huge fleet of sheeps pop up
Surrounding Paul

At last, here comes The Green Bears
They are bringing back
The whole sea ice
Track Name: Praying mantis dilemma
Hey men, sketches from my own
How could... what could I say...

I drew all of it,
I caused our... my birth
You'll rush my death
Here is the nonsense
That wastes my work
I don’t know catechism or other « chisms »
Black or white I can’t choose

Between me and men's disasters

Or I'll do have to erase
Sketches from my own
So myself with it
And all of all with it
And timeline could be re-written
Without you and I my disappointing friends
Track Name: You platypus
Are you ready
You platypus
Are you shy
To track the prey
Beyond your plans

He fell in love with you
You just fucked him

Are you hungry
You tasmanian devil
Are you enjoying
The most beautiful day of his entire life

He fell in love with you
You just fucked him
He hopes you will live with him forever

Are you ready
You platypus
It's mating season
Get out of your den
Track Name: Saddle node bifurcation
There's a rally point
On the map says the cell
Saddle Node

Or an absorption
Of the kind by the whole
That's called

The bifurcation

As well as one plus one
Can remain unresolved
To be or not to be
Is there an other solution

On the game says the cell
Should not be broken

Should not come, otherwise
It's over
Track Name: Disaster hat
It’s all you’ve got
Happy on your head
To use a solid hammer hat
The sky could fall on your head 

It's all about tears
Things that mesmerized you

It’s all you’ve got
Happy on your head
To use an umbrella hat
The ocean could break on your head

Do you have a tornado Hat
Winds, chasmes, vortices
Could vaporize your body of flesh
Did you buy a nuke hat
To protect you from blasts
Did you provide a tsunami hat
Nature, fantoms and chemicals
Could gang up against your being
Don’t go without your iced age hat

It’s all you need
Serene on your heart
To use a powerful hippy hat
The hate could waste your happiness

It’s all about fears
Things that traumatized you
Track Name: Widow pigeon
A pigeon tells:
His wife was flying to school
Each day at play time
To pick up any kind of crumbs
She was always first on site

One day she decided to walk
To go there like rats
For the sake of equality
Crossing the road
She was hit by a car
Reaped by the sickle of death.
Track Name: Ad nauseam
Ad nauseam

Bills in line abreast

Bills in line abreast
Abysmal Hole

After taste
Of slavery
Ad nauseam
Track Name: Eccentric fish
It is why I come to paralyse
I can show you sadest side
It is when I cancel everyone
When you don’t think that you fall

It is why I call it The joke
It is a joke i cannot spell, Angels…

Legion of emotions
I belong to the dark side

It is a gateway that never ends
As a weird open door, bizarre

You lucky boy you don’t decide
What is true , what is fine
I’m choosin’ you but don’t realize
You are cold and such a fool, Angels…

Legion of emotion
Will grow up to the dark Size
I like it cause i’m an excentric fish
On weightlessness

This is why I come to paralyse
I am slow to play the game, don’t you
Track Name: Buzzing fire
Into his brand new veranda
The old man sits
Thinking about insect stings
And mosquito bites he is safe from

A sudden burst of astonishment
Takes hold of his body
Fuzz on his arms, metamorphosis, weird.

Into the mirror
He's like a buzzing fire

Now he is flying driven by hunger 
His sting is cutting through the air
Looking for a juicy feast
He is starving for blood

Down from his flight
He sees that the earth
Is fire-covered
Ubiquity of human kind

Now what? He could poison it
And so turn out the lights

He is the venom himself
He could fix the world
He could give the shine back to stars

And then
He wakes up
To die
In the veranda

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